My mother has disinherited me. I want my mum, but she doesn’t want me anymore. Read my story why she did this to me

My mother has disinherited me, I don’t know why she’s done this to me. My name is Marcia and I am 8 years old and live in Nottingham with my foster carers. I used to live with my mother Paulette, and father Leroy. I am the victim of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Paulette and Leroy were in a cohabiting relationship for 8 years. They had jobs and were doing well, but the recession had its impact on their finances. Leroy lost his job working in the blockbuster retail store.

Paulette’s earnings as an estate agent, just couldn’t meet the bills. They’re in debt and, found it hard- they’re looking for solutions and a way out.

Now, this caused them argue with each other, and as time went on, things got worse. Leroy’s behaviour escalated- he started abusing Paulette physically.

They went for counseling sessions at their church to try and find ways to make their relationship work but left it too late.

My mum didn’t protect me from my dad

Leroy’s behaviour towards Marcia changed; he shouts at me and spends a long period of time with me in my bedroom. I said to my mother, “Mum, why does dad touch me below? He does it all the time when he’s in my bedroom, I don’t like it”.

Paulette suspected I was being abused but did not safeguard me. I was suffering child abuse and none of my parents helped prevent this from happening to me.

They both failed to report concerns to the church leaders and childcare and education professionals. Leroy’s treatment towards me was eventually reported by my school teachers.

One day, they saw me crying at school and asked me is everything okay Marcia? Why are you crying? I said, “Dad touches me down below in my room and I don’t like it”.

I told my mum, but nothing happened- Dad kept doing it to me.  I thank God my teacher reported it to the police, I just couldn’t bear what he was doing to me anymore – my dad has been taken away from me, I miss my dad.

Leroy is now serving a prison sentence in Nottingham prison for what he did to me. Paulette felt guilty for what happened to me, as she knew I was left vulnerable.

I am in foster care with carers who nurture and love me. Paulette ended her relationship with Lenroy and is now married to her new partner Jeffery who lives Birmingham.

She has son Abe aged 3, a new job and things are going well. Jerry has his own business, and they agree to leave all their wealth to Abe. I have just been sideways disinherited.

My mother has disinherited me but I don’t know why

Maria, as she grows up through her childhood and adolescence, she will need to have support getting over being disinherited. Sideways disinheritance happens to children and disinheriting a child reason is different in every family.

The emotional pain of disinheritance takes time for people to heal from their experience. The psychological effect of disinheritance of children being disinherited by parents and how this affects them is another story.

The emotional pain of disinheritance takes time for people to help from their experience. The psychological effect of disinheritance and being disinherited by parents is another story.

My mother has disinherited me – will your child say this about you?

My mother has disinherited me, or father doing the same to a son or daughter is not sometimes you want to hear them say about you.

I have my own personal life experience of sideways disinheritance -I was disinherited from my mother and father’s legacy. I made sure that my family inherits my property and assets.

Do you know for certain you son or daughter gets everything you’ve worked hard for?

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