50 plus funeral plans gives peace of mind and helps fix funeral director’s costs at today’s price

50 plus funeral plans in the UK: Is this for you?

It’s really a great feeling letting your family know that they do not need to worry about your future funeral arrangements. 50 plus funeral plans give affordable plans for people just like you.

Paying your funeral expenses in advance means your loved ones know what your wishes are. It also means they can celebrate your life and achievements in your family and community.

Once you have purchased your 50 plus funeral plan, if a family member aged 18 passes away, your plan can be used for their funeral director’s services. You can choose another 50 plus funeral plan, to cover your own funeral costs when you need it.

What are 50 plus funeral plans?

Well, basically; it’s a plan you agree in advance with your local funeral director for their services. You see, funeral director’s costs over the years have risen well above the rate of inflation.

When you purchase your funeral plan today, you state your wishes what you want at your funeral. Paying for your plan in advance means you fix funeral director’s cost in advance. This is how it helps you save your money on your funeral.

50 plus funeral plans for over 50’s in the UK

I am an estate planning consultant and I live in Nottingham. I help my clients, family, and friends by taking away their pain and worry, who arranges their funeral and pays their funeral expenses.

My parents died without 50 plus funeral plans. My mother died first and the funeral arrangements and costs were taken care of by her family. My father died 20 years later. I noticed funeral director’s services were more expensive!

50 plus funeral plans: Could over 50’s plans continue to rise?

Yes, it could. I have seen funeral costs rise over the years. And if this continues, the average funeral could rise to over £4,000 by 2021. You can avoid paying the increased price when you purchase it at today’s price.

The cost of dying has risen above the rate of annual inflation. Read more about it here.

50 plus funeral plans: Grace’s Story

The beautiful picture you’re looking at is my friend. Her name is Grace and we’ve been friends for years.

Grace aged 57 is married to her husband, John aged 62. Her son Daniel is  35 and they live in a 3 bedroom house in Nottingham. Grace and John have 2 years left to pay their mortgage. I helped them leave their share of the estate to each other and Daniel.

In the picture, you’ll see John is not included in it. Grace and John are having difficulties in their relationship.

Relationships with time can come under strain. That’s what has happened in Grace’s relationship with John.

Now you may have notice Grace hugging Daniel with deep affection, and looking at him straight into his eyes. Well, last year, Daniel had a stroke and John found it difficult help support Daniel after the stroke.

Grace has always been there for Daniel and assists him to make decisions. Grace shared with me she’s always doing her best to be proactive and plan for eventualities. Grace heard about 50 plus funeral plans and considered having a plan.

Over 50’s life insurance funeral plans: Compare the best funeral plans; there is a plan for you

Grace said, “She often thought of purchasing a funeral plan. Grace gave the examples of the costs she had to pay when her father died from Parkinson’s disease and her mother from Alzheimer’s and dementia.”

She explained she knows funeral plan costs have risen over the years and want to fix her funeral costs. After careful consideration Grace chooses an affordable monthly over 50’s life insurance funeral plan.

Michael Williams Estate Planning Consultant empathises with his clients

It was a Monday in November, just like other Mondays at work. This one, however, was a bit different. It was evening time, dark and cold and I was reflecting on my life, making plans for the following week.

Grace would often call me at work to see how I’m doing. When you’re at work, it’s good to get encouragement from those who care about you. I often called Grace to make she is okay; it helped get us through the week.

When I was at work on my break, my Samsung note 4 mobile phone rang, I saw Grace’s name appear on the screen. So I took the call to talk to her.

Cancer is killing Grace

“Hi, Michael, how are you doing?” “I’m alright. Grace, how are you?” “Oh, Michael I’ve had some bad news”. My senses started tingling, something wasn’t quite right. This is somehow this phone call feels different.

I listened carefully to Grace’s soft, silky but trembling voice as she found the courage to speak to me. “Michael, I wasn’t feeling well. So I made an appointment on Friday to see my local GP to have some tests done.

Dying matters: 50 plus funeral plans could make a difference 

After the tests, I was told I need to see a consultant and would receive a letter in few weeks. Michael, the letter came today, I need to have a biopsy – I think I’ve got cancer again”.

When I heard what Grace said, I froze in utter disbelief. “No, not cancer, please God, no, not Grace”. Grace went on to say, “Michael, I’ve been diagnosed with cancer before.

I  have fought it in the past, but this time I’m tired”. I’m so tired Michael. I was making plans for my retirement, now I’m not sure how much time I’ve got left. I’m glad Daniel’s future is taken care of”.

Wealth management ensure family and other loved ones inherit your property and assets

As I listened to Grace’s voice filled with worry and pain, my eyes well up with tears. As our conversation progressed, my mobile phone it felt like a ton of lead in my hand. I was in shock and denial listening to Grace talks to me about her dying.

Time stood still and the evening felt it would never end.  I don’t know if I can take handle hearing losing my friend. My throat is dry and grainy like sand. With my voice trembling, I smuggled to find the right words to learn on the spot what to say to Grace.

Why should Grace life be robbed, and come to an end by this dreadful illness?  I’m glad I’m not diagnosed with cancer. I don’t want to die from cancer. Why of all people did Grace suffer from cancer? Somehow, this just doesn’t seem right.

50 plus funeral planning review: Funeral plans for over 50’s is an important part of estate planning

Grace asked me to pray for her so and I did. She doesn’t know how long she has left before she taken away from her family and friends. Grace knows her days are numbered, that’s why she clinging on to Daniel, showing how she loves him.

Every day is a new day, and Grace appreciates every opportunity she has with Daniel and John. I hope with time, Grace relationship with John will improve, and they find away support and help each other a family.

Grace and John while they are well and have mental capacity, made the decision to protect the estate. Are you aware you can leave your share of the property so it remains in the family bloodline for generations?

The good news is, you can. It’s what I do and I will the same for you. I’ll give you the same opportunity like Grace. You’ll able to leave your property and wealth to your loved ones. I’ll show you how to this in a free consultation.

Prepaid funeral plans make financial sense: What choice of funeral planning would you choose?

My life seemed fine before hearing what Grace said to me. After talking to her my world changed. All of a sudden I wasn’t enjoying life anymore. My friend is dying, I’m losing my friend.

Grace had her 50 plus prepaid funeral plan in place, just in case she needed it. She saw the prices rise over the years and didn’t want to leave a financial burden on her family. Grace did the right thing.

50 plus funeral plans: My parents didn’t have them – I wish they had!

They did not have 50 plus funeral plans, so our family made the funeral arrangements. We were left with the financial responsibility and it had an impact on having time to grieve our loss.

Do you have 50 plus funeral plans, or will your loved ones be left with the burden and be in debt paying for your funeral costs?

50 plus later life financial planning

Life is more than making money, it’s about fulfilling your purpose while you are here and to make a difference in the world you live in.

After listening to Grace, what I originally considered important no longer seemed to matter to me anymore. What Grace said affected me, and reminded me of the harsh reality that no one lives forever.

You don’t always know when your time has come to leave your family and other loved ones. It’s best to be prepared just in case your time come sooner than planned.

Funeral plan guide and advice: Consider putting your house in order funeral planning using 50 plus funeral plans 

Your death can be accelerated at any time by an accident, illness or old age Good health care means we are living longer. Prudence would suggest, while you are healthy, enjoy your life and your family.

Consider make financial savings, and leave wealth to your loved one after you pass. You can’t take your property and wealth with you, so you may as well leave it to your family and other loved ones.

I know and understand the value and benefits of 50 plus funeral plans for over 50’s. Are you like Grace wanting to make sure funeral planning arrangement is in place? If so, then 50 plus funerals could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

You can beat rising funeral costs with 50 plus funeral plans

As an estate planning consultant, my services are more than providing a funeral planning service- it is also providing care and support to clients when they need it most.

I’ve heard so many stories of families left in debt paying funeral costs. The good news is, you can avoid your family paying your funeral costs.

When you think about it, if your money is left in the bank to pay your funeral costs, it may not be enough to pay for your funeral!

You could have saved money with a 50 plus funeral plan. Do you want to save money on your funeral expenses with 50 plus funeral plans? If so, contact us today to learn more how to do this.

Compare 50 plus funeral plans and best over 50’s life insurance plans

Which one will you choose? Well, we will show you all the plans and you decide an affordable plan that fit your budget and meets your funeral planning requirements.

Paying for your 50 plus funeral plan

First of all, make sure that plan you chose is affordable. After you have made your decision, you can pay:

  • In full
  • 12 monthly instalments
  • Low cost instalment option
  • Fixed monthly payments

Over 50’s plans: Which funeral benefit option is best for you?

Contact us today to find out, to see what plan that best meet your needs.

50 plus funeral plans: Stay connected

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50 plus funeral plans FREE gift!

After you have purchased your 50 plus funeral plan, you’ll receive a free welcome gift, when you recommend family and friends, and they also purchase a plan. Claim yours today!

50 plus funeral plans and UK funeral insurance plans: Get more information and a FREE appointment for best value funeral plans

Are you ready to take the next step? Get in touch today. Our over 50’s funeral plan give you peace of mind.

You make savings on funeral costs, and leave money to your family. Your family and close friends over 50 can also have 50 plus funeral plans, and save money.

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