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Notts Football in the Community Charity Partner

Hi, my name Michael Williams, I am an estate planning consultant in Nottingham. I am a Notts Football in the Community Charity Partner, they are my chosen charity.

After seeing what Notts FITC have achieved so far, I decided to help children, young people and adults have a better quality of life.

When I heard what they are doing, I had to be part of it. It’s great to see what they are doing in the community; they are really making a difference in people’s lives.

Notts County Football in the Community Charity Partners help improve lives in the community

The charity provides education that promotes good health and promotes social inclusion through sports and other activities.

The opportunity listening to stories of people with suffering Alzheimer’s dementia, cancer and the help Notts Football in the Community give promoting health and well-being is awe-inspiring.

I have personal experiences in my own family and community of people that I know and love who suffered from mental illness and physical disabilities.

This community of people sometimes aren’t given the chance to learn and understand how to create wealth and then given to their family and other loved one to inherit when you’re gone.

My social responsibility as a Notts Football in the Community Charity Partner is to give back to my community, and that’s why I support the charity help those in need.

My story and why I am passionate about what I do

I enjoy my role as a Corporate Partner for Notts Football in the Community. Because of my life and experiences, I can relate to people with disabilities and so I appreciate and give them my help and support.  My mother had diabetes and hypertension and died aged 56.

My father suffered two strokes and heart seizures that lead to Alzheimer’s and finally dementia. He died aged 89. I did not inherit their property and assets as they wished.

My goal is to help children, young people and adults achieve health, wealth, and happiness. I have the chance to positively change lives of people and leave a legacy changing one family at a time.

As a Community Charity Partner at Notts County Football in the Community, I  help make a difference in people’s lives.

Fundraising events: Notts Football in the Community Charity Partners are committed to raising funds for the charity

I think it’s fantastic when we all get involved to support fundraising events. I am passionate about fundraising for Notts Football in the Community and I really need your help to help me do this.

Estate planning services in Nottingham

There’s a free consultation session for Notts Football in the Community supporters. When client’s purchase our estate planning, asset management, and funeral planning services we give financial contributions and support the charity.

For more information and your free consultation to see how we can help you, call us today on 03332 12 20 51 or email

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