Cancer in the UK: My uncle died shortly after being diagnosed with prostate cancer

Cancer in the UK affects people from all walks of life, and it could even affect you. I remember when I was a child I visited my aunts and uncles. I’d spend time with them, and listen to them tell me those old-time stories I love.

After spending time with them, I enjoyed playing games with my cousins and having fun. We loved being with each other, and I often felt sad when I had to part from them to go home.

I remember, one day, my dad said he had something to tell me. His brother- one of my favourite uncles who I’ve been talking about was unwell. He’s the uncle I visited the most, and I was very fond of him.

I asked my dad to let me know when he would get well. My dad explained to me saying, “Michael, my brother has cancer and he won’t live much longer”.

Now, as you can imagine, as a child I didn’t have any understanding about death, but I do remember feelings of confusion and sadness.

The visits to his home were more frequent, and we took every opportunity to spend every moment we could with him before his death.

While you are fit and well, it makes sense to consider protecting your possessions and make plan your funeral in advance

The day of my uncle’s funeral arrived, and there were a lot of people at the church. My uncle was in the big long brown box.

I asked my dad,” What’s in that box dad?” My dad said, “Michael, your uncle is in the box, its called a coffin and he’s going to be buried in the ground”.

I saw tears in my fathers’ eyes, and to ease his pain, he hit his head against the church wall wishing he could have more time with his brother before he died.

But it was too late; my uncle was dead and would be buried as planned. When I saw my dad cry, also cried- I miss my uncle.

Cancer in the UK: The reality is, when you pass, you can’t take your wealth with you

Now, after the church members, family and friends finished singing songs and talked about my uncle’s life, he was lowered into the ground.

With spades dug into the soft ground where the soil was where they were standing, they lifted the soil and threw it on his coffin.

I noticed, when he was being lowered into the earth, it was just the coffin with my uncle in it. He did not take his house, car or other possessions with him. He was in his coffin on his own.

Black men at risk of prostate cancer

Yes, it’s true. 1 in 4 will African Caribbean men will get prostate cancer. Early intervention and treatment of prostate cancer are beneficial for patients.

For some, the difference is life or death. Men are encouraged to get an assessment at the earliest opportunity to prevent the cancer spreading. You can read more about prostate cancer here.

Cancer statistics state 1 in 2 in their lifetime will be diagnosed with cancer

Research undertaken evidence, if you live in the UK and you were born after 1960 the risk of getting cancer is high.

My uncle died from prostate cancer and so has my other uncles. I had a medical to check that I’m okay and I am. My aunts also died from cancer related illness.

I was born after 1960 so I have a 1 in 2 chance according to research. I pray and thank God for everyday that I have with my family and my friends. I protected my wealth for my family to inherit when I pass.

Cancer in the UK news: The probability of you getting cancer is 1 in 2

I’ve seen so many family and close friends die from cancer. l am in my 50’s, and I do my best to live healthily. I think it’s important to take preventative measures, and reduce risks of being ill.

To be honest, like everyone else in the UK, I also have a 1 in 2 chance getting cancer. There are a percentage of people with cancer and with treatment increase their life expectancy.

Even so, I don’t want to have cancer, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s or dementia. Some of us will suffer from anyone or combination of these illnesses.

I know I will die one day, and although this is the case, I prefer it not to be from the illness mentioned. I have seen what these illnesses do to people, and I empathise with their situation.

You should consider having personal, property and business protection

I help clients leave wealth to their family and other loved ones. They are supported to discuss with their family and agree who make decisions for them.

They could get ill, or be incapacitated due to a physical accident causing injury to the brain. Also, they could suffer from mental illness that affects their ability to make immediate and future decisions.

I also ensure funeral planning is in place fixing costs at today’s price. This gives them peace of mind, knowing family need not worry about their funeral arrangements and expenses.

Family and close friends then focus on what’s important, and that is to celebrate my clients life and achievements.

Because I know and understand my mortality, I protected my properties while I am fit and well. My family inherits my possessions.

Cancer in the UK is not going away anytime soon

Do you want your family to inherit your property, assets and business when you pass? When my family and close friends from church died from cancer, they did not take their wealth them when they were buried.

While you are fit and well, or even if you have been diagnosed with cancer, you may want to consider leave your wealth to your children and grandchildren.

We can help you, and will come and visit you in the comfort of your home and take your instructions to protect your wealth for them to inherit. For more information on the research about 1 in 2 who will die from cancer, you can read about it here.

Estate planning services in Nottingham

My desire is to help you learn about preventative measures you should consider to protect health, well-being and your wealth.

After reading about cancer in the UK, do you have a relative or friend who may also benefit protecting their wealth for their loved ones? If you do, please share this information with them.

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