Almost half of Britons will die from cancer by 2020

Almost half of Britons will die from cancer; however, 38% of them will survive. They will live to tell their story how they overcame cancer. I have positive experiences of those who survived, and stories of loved ones lost to this life threatening illness.

Almost half of Britons will die from cancer: My close friend Anne-Marie was diagnosed with cancer aged 26

The women in the picture you’ve been looking at are Anne-Marie aged 26 and Leslie aged 75. Both these women lived in Nottingham and attended my local church. Leslie was a retired school teacher and Anne-Marie attended university.

Anne-Marie, as far as I know, was a healthy woman with everything to live for. As you can see from her picture, she had a lovely smile and an awesome personality. Everyone loved Anne-Marie.

Cancer is killing my friend

One day Anne-Marie came to me and said, “Michael, I’m not feeling very well, so I am going to make an appointment to see my doctor”.

I replied, “Yes, Anne-Marie, it’s best to see your doctor so they can tell you what to do”. Anne-Marie made an appointment and saw her doctor.

After her appointment, Anne-Marie said to me, “Michael, I went to the doctor, and I’ve been told I only have few years left to live”. I saw the sadness in Anne-Marie’s eyes, her life slowly slipping away, robbed by cancer.

The fight against cancer begins

Naturally, the church and I prayed for Anne-Marie to get well, but she only got worse. Anne-Marie was dying right in front of my eyes. Even when I prayed, hoping she’d get better nothing changed.

Anne-Marie lost her fight to cancer. She died aged 26. Any wealth she had was left to her family. Anne-Marie did not protect her assets and as such, anyone could inherit her possessions.

Funeral and homegoing celebration service

Now, I am the bass guitar player in my church and I agreed to play at the funeral service. Hundreds of people attended Anne-Marie’s funeral.

Her family, church members and I cried when we looked at Anne-Marie as she laid in her coffin. It was one of the most difficult times in my life.

I was playing music to songs and my eyes were filled with tears. Anne-Marie was laid to rest at the cemetery, and that was the end of her time with us.

Almost half of Britons will die from cancer: Consider who inherit your share of the estate 

The Macmillian cancer report state; ‘almost half of Britons will get cancer in their lifetime’. You can read about it here.

Leslie was diagnosed with cancer at 65. With early diagnosis of cancer and medical treatment, she lived for 10 more years. Leslie protected her property for her children and grandchildren. They inherit her property.

Leslie left no financial burden on her family. She paid her funeral costs in advance so that her family focuses on her wishes. At Leslie’s funeral, her family celebrated her life and achievements in the community.

I played my bass guitar at Leslie’s funeral, and it somehow seemed different. I guess when people die at a young age it impact you in a different way.

Now, there is a difference in the stories of these women. One died age 26 and the other age 75. The other difference was, one of them protected their assets and the other didn’t.

What do you see in the stories? When you think about your life, do you know for certain you’ve protected your wealth for your loved ones?

Do you want your legacy to be inherited by your children and grandchildren? Well, if you do, you are at the right place. We can help you.

Estate planning services in Nottingham

Almost half of Britons will die from cancer. I read Macmillan’s report on cancer, and now I understand why so many people I know get cancer.

I went through a period of reflection and realised many of them died from cancer. The Macmillian report on cancer makes sense. You can learn how half of Britons will get cancer by 2020 here.

After reading about cancer in the UK, you may have a relative or friend who may also benefit hearing these stories. They may also choose to protect their possessions and make their funeral arrangements.

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