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Estate planning consultant in Nottingham Michael Williams, help property and business owners achieve good health, wealth, and happiness

Estate planning consultant in Nottingham Michael Williams who am I and what I do

Hi, I am your local estate planning consultant in Nottingham, for estate planning services. I offer a free consultation to property and business owners in Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas.

Free consultation sessions give you the time and opportunity to ask questions and make plans protect you, your family and your estate.

Estate planning consultant in Nottingham Michael Williams was disinherited by his parents

Yes, it’s true. I was disinherited by my father and mother and I didn’t inherit their share of their estate. You see, my parents didn’t protect their share, my mother died from a heart attack and my father remarried to my step mother.

He did not protect the family estate and so it passed to her on his death.  My father died from having strokes and heart seizures.

When you pass and do not protect your share of the estate, your children and other loved ones may not inherit your wealth as you originally intended. This is called “sideways disinheritance.

I have personal experience of the effects of sideways disinheritance, so I show my clients how to prevent sideways disinheritance in their family. I help people like you enjoy wealth and then leave it to your family, children, other loved ones, and chosen charities.

Do you know you can leave your share of your wealth to your son or daughter? yes, you can. I can help you do this. 

Estate planning services in Nottingham help you save money, enjoy wealth and help your loved ones inherit your share of property and other assets.

My family inherits my possessions. In the event of your death, do you know for sure who inherits your share of the estate? Do you want to leave your legacy to your loved ones? If you do, I’m here to help, and I can do this at a time and place convenient to suit you.

Estate planning services in Nottingham

I provide services to you from companies I know, like and trust. The company I use is GPDR compliant, have a CLC licence and the legal team is regulated by the Law Society to do legal work.

Independent Financial Advisers are authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which monitors and regulates their work to protect your investments and your estate.

For more information and your free consultation session with us call us today on 03332 12 20 51 or email

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